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The Bike Lab

The Bike Lab is usually every Saturday, 11 am to 2 pm, at
12 Northern Ave, Northampton, MA

The next workshop is (not may 23)Saturday, May 30, 2020.

NOTE: Starting May 2020, please call Ruthy before 9am Saturday at 413-586-8031 to confirm the Bike Lab is open.

Anyone wanting to learn more and/or share what they know about basic bike maintenance and repairs, is welcome to stop by these free informal workshops. If you have questions about fixing flats, understanding gears, bike fit, brake adjustments, suspicious squeaks or creaks, or riding safely in traffic and in cold, we can come up with answers. If you have a bike, bring it. If you need a bike, we might have one you can fix up for yourself. If you have a mostly-functional bike to donate, you can drop it off during normal Bike Lab hours, or contact Ruthy to make other arrangements.

Bike tools are available for anyone who needs to tighten their cones or headset, break a chain, remove a freewheel, or whatever.

For more information call Ruthy at 413-586-8031, or contact Ruthy by e-mail, or call Duane at 413-387-9731


Do you have an extra bike you'd like to pass on? We're collecting bikes to send to Trinidad, until February, 2020. Bikes can be dropped off at 12 Northern Ave, Northampton, or 8 High St, Florence. Below is the link to a GoFundMe page to raise money to help cover shipping costs. In the winter of 2019, I spent 6 wonderful weeks doing a work exchange at One Family Farm in La Lune, Moruga, Trinidad. I saw few bikes there, despite it being a walkable, bikeable area. Many people I talked to said, "Yeah, I'd love to have a bike, there just aren't very many, and they're expensive." I said, "Well, I know a place where there's A LOT of bikes." Hence the Trinidad Bicycle Osmosis Project. My goal is to send a shipping container of up to 500 bikes, with about 100 for my partners in Moruga, and others for other partners in the island, principally the Tobias Foundation (tobiasfoundation.com). I'm planning on returning to the farm in Trinidad in November for 3 months with the goal of setting up a bike workshop space similar to the Bike Lab, so tool donations are also welcome. Thanks!!

For more information call Ruthy at 413-586-8031, or contact Ruthy by e-mail

GoFundMe page

Bicycling Street Smarts & Basic Maintenance and Repair

Spring 2020
at 8 High St, Florence, Mass.
by Ruthy Woodring of Pedal People

If you can't make it to the regular Saturday Bike Lab and want to learn about maintenance and repair, or if you want to improve your safety and comfort riding in traffic, contact Ruthy to schedule a class.

The cost is a sliding scale from $0 to $40. Bartering arrangements are possible. Bicycles can be provided.

For more information, contact Ruthy by e-mail or call 413-586-8031.