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Job Description and Application

We are hiring for a collective member hauling position! Interviews will be held in December and early January, decisions and start date in mid January.

This position will begin hauling every other Wednesday and all Fridays with opportunities to substitute other routes, as needed. In time, the schedule can change as opportunities arise (read on for more info).

See below for the online application. People of color, queer folks and women are encouraged to apply.

Hauling job description

People People's hauling services are primarily moving recycling, trash and compost.

Specific hauling responsibilities

  • riding a bicycle in Northampton, hauling a trailer with up to 300 lbs of weight; riding all year long in all weather conditions
  • sorting trash, recycling, and food scraps
  • lifting at least 30 lbs chest high


  • using a computer at least 15 minutes per day of work
  • attending collective meetings once a month and participating meaningfully in the ownership of the business


  • a belief in human power as a viable option to motorized vehicles
  • a commitment to doing what is best for the whole collective
  • an ability to ride a bicycle safely and legally in traffic (additional training can be provided as needed)
  • enjoyment of physical labor
  • easy to get ahold of via phone, email, or in person
  • reliable, initiative-taking, invested in the business
  • able to work independently as well as in a group
  • open to giving and receiving constructive criticism

Compensation & hours

  • Part-time: 5 to 10 hours/week to start (every other Wednesday and all Fridays), eventually working up to as many hours as you want as work becomes available.
  • Most pay is by the job, and works out to between $15 to $20 per hour, depending on your speed. Most work can be done independently and at your own pace, with some flexibility in the hours.
  • We're looking for someone able to make at least a one-year commitment.

Pluses in an applicant

  • ability to maintain and fix bicycles and equipment
  • accounting skills, computer programming skills, marketing skills
  • an interest in expanding the business
  • secretarial and public relations skills, ability to return phone calls and emails and communicate with customers and the general public
  • living in or near Northampton/Florence - most work shifts and meetings are only 1-4 hours long, and some are available spur of the moment, so living close makes it more economical to participate in the collective

Worker's cooperative

  • Pedal People is entirely owned and run by its workers. New workers go through a 9-month apprenticeship period. For hauling workers, this must include 3 months of winter. After that, if all of the current full members agree, you'll become a full voting member of the cooperative. We use a consensus process to make decisions.
  • There are many opportunities to develop other aspects of a human-powered business (yard care, moving jobs, deliveries).
  • All workers must invest $100 in the cooperative, which can be paid in installments, which will be returned upon leaving.


  • All trailers and related equipment are provided. Most people use their own bicycles and are responsible for their own maintenance.
  • Pedal People does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, creed, sex, age, marital status, national origin, veteran status, or sexual orientation. No CORI checks.
  • Affirmative action: If Pedal People has two or more equally qualified candidates for a position, preference will be given to people of color, queer folks and women.


The preferred method is to apply online. Details on this and other options for applying are here:

Questions? E-mail hiring AT pedalpeople DOT coop or call us at 413-586-8591.