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We do pickups all by bicycle, all year round, at competitive rates - without the loud trucks or diesel exhaust fumes. Since 2002, we've done 449,089 pickups and counting! Below are our monthly single-family rates (multi-family and business rates are also available). And compost service is included with all residential trash pickups.

service description weekly biweekly monthly
recycling, compost & 30 gallons of trash per pickup $41/mo $29.50/mo $16/mo
recycling, compost & 45 gallons of trash per pickup $50/mo $37/mo $20/mo
recycling, compost & 60 gallons of trash per pickup $57/mo
recycling only $28.50/mo $21/mo $14/mo
recycling & compost $31.50/mo $23/mo $15/mo
compost only $24.50/mo $17/mo $13/mo

"We were thrilled when we bought a house four years ago and discovered that Pedal People was an option for our recycling, trash, and even compost pickup! We highly recommend them to everyone we know. What's not to love? We get great service while supporting local folks running an environmentally friendly business. I'm relieved to know that there is one less loud & polluting garbage truck visit in our neighborhood now. Pedal People are quiet, polite and very helpful, and you can't beat their prices. Our relatives in other towns/states are very jealous!"

service area

All service types in most parts of Northampton, Florence, and Leeds, and compost only and full service in some parts of Easthampton, Massachusetts. Check out our service area map.


Our two page recycling, trash & compost information flyer is available for download in PDF format:

Recycling, trash and compost info sheet

trash limits

30 gallons is an average size trash barrel, or about 2 1/2 standard 12 gallon kitchen bags. We charge for trash by weight or volume, whichever one is greater, assuming up to 1 pound per gallon. Additional trash is $2.50 per 10 gallons or pounds, if your Pedal Person has space to take it. Advance notice or an extra pickup may be necessary depending on how much extra you have.

recycling limits

For weekly pickups, we'll take a maximum of four 14-gallon tubs (which we provide) of recycling per pickup. For biweekly or monthly pickups, we'll take a maximum of three 14-gallon tubs. Note that cardboard, when flattened and left outside of the tubs, also counts towards these totals. (For example, a biweekly pickup may be thought of as having 2 14-gallon tubs of paper and containers, plus several medium sized pieces of cardboard.) If the worker has space, extra recycling may be taken for $2.50 per 14-gallon tub.

compost limits

Compost pickups are included in the cost of any level of trash service. We'll take up to 8 gallons of compost per pickup. If we have space, additional compost counts towards one's trash totals, after which it's an extra $.25/pound.

Regular amounts above all of these levels can be arranged. Contact us to discuss your specific situation. See our FAQ and the ten reasons to switch for more information.

holiday delays

See our FAQ.


15% discount if everyone in your household is 62 years or older or disabled. 22% discount for using City of Northampton trash bags (select neighborhoods only).

payment options

Check, online bill pay, automatic withdrawal, Paypal, cash and barter. See our payment options page.

financial assistance

We are currently offering reduced prices to people who cannot afford our normal rates, with the help of a fund kindly donated by our customers. If you feel you need it, you may request assistance from 10 to 50 percent off our normal prices on our sign-up form, or contact us directly to ask about it. These reductions only affect the base price, and do not apply to extra charges.

Call or email us with any questions.