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Recycling, trash & compost pickups

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NEW: Compost-only service in Easthampton!

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We do pickups all by bicycle, all year round, at competitive rates - without the loud trucks or diesel exhaust fumes. Since 2002, we've done 238,927 pickups and counting! Here are our monthly single-family rates (multi-family and business rates are also available):

monthly rates weekly biweekly
(every two weeks)
recycling, compost & 30 gallons of trash per pickup $33.50/mo $23/mo $13/mo
recycling, compost & 60 gallons of trash per pickup $42.50/mo $29.50/mo $19/mo
recycling only $25/mo $17/mo $10/mo
recycling + compost $28/mo $19/mo $11/mo
compost only $22/mo $15/mo $10/mo
  • Service area: All service types in Northampton, Florence, and Leeds, and compost only in Easthampton, Massachusetts.
  • Details: 30 gallons is an average size trash barrel. Additional trash is $2 per 10 gallons (advance notice may be necessary depending on how much extra you have). We'll pick up a maximum of four 14-gallon tubs of recycling per pickup. See our FAQ and the ten reasons to switch for more information.
  • Holiday delays: See our FAQ.
  • Discounts: 15% discount if everyone in your household is 62 years or older or disabled. 22% discount for using City of Northampton trash bags (select neighborhoods only).
  • Flyers: Our recycling & trash information flyer (452K) and compost flyer (171K) are available for download in PDF format.
  • Payment options: Check, online bill pay, automatic withdrawal, Paypal, cash and barter. See our payment options page.

Call or e-mail us with any questions.

Brett Constantine in the winter of 2011 Annie and Ali on the path
(left photo by Maureen Flannery, right by Amanda Taus)