payment options

Pedal People has several payment options. Additionally, some customers choose to pay in smaller increments, such as monthly, which is fine with us though it can be helpful to let us know the plan.

  • Financial assistance: We are currently offering reduced prices to people who cannot afford our normal rates, with the help of a fund kindly donated by our customers. If you feel you need it, you may request assistance from 10 to 25 percent off our normal prices on our sign-up form, or contact us directly to ask about it. These reductions only affect the base price, and do not apply to extra charges. Click here to donate to the fund.
  • Check or money order: Mail it to:
                        Pedal People Cooperative Inc.
                        PO Box 415
                        Northampton, MA 01061-0415
  • Online bill pay: You can pay using online bill pay with your bank. Just set us up as a payee, enter our address (above) and your account number and the bank will send us a check in the mail.
  • Direct withdrawal: You can sign up for direct withdrawals from your bank account. Download, print and fill out the debit authorization form and send it back (by postal mail, email, or text) along with a cancelled check (or picture of a check). You'll continue to receive a bill letting you know the date that the money will be deducted from your account. (You may get a prorated bill for the first billing period so that we can synchronize our billing system.) If you don't have access to a printer (or an online form-filling service), we are happy to mail you a form.
  • Credit card: You can pay via Paypal. There is a 3% surcharge to cover the fees that they charge us.


  • Cash: We can arrange to receive cash payments.
  • Barter: Bartering arrangements are also possible for our services.