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We want to make composting easy and exciting for you! In addition to enriching soil, composting reroutes tons of food that would otherwise burden our overflowing landfills. We are encouraging all customers who do not already compost at home to use our compost program. We will collect your kitchen scraps with the same regularity as recycling and trash, or you can sign up for our compost-only service or view our prices.

We are happy to provide a 5 gallon bucket to you - just contact us. Or you can use your own, no problem! To help keep it clean, we recommend lining the container with a paper bag, newspaper or a fully compostable plastic bag such as BioBags.

We can also help with design and construction of backyard compost bins as well as tips on maintenance. Our composting program accepts much more than is recommended for backyard composting, but if you're able please consider composting what you can at home. You can cover your kitchen scraps with your yard waste, which will deter pests and create healthy soil.

For information on what qualifies as compost, see our FAQ and our compost flyer. For a color flyer detailing what paper products are compostable, see the Is it compostable? flyer.

Call or email us with any questions.

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