Here's what some of our customers have to say. If you're a customer and would like to add to this, send it to us via e-mail or postal mail. Thanks!

  • "Excellent! Thorough and considerate!" - Hai & Youme, Florence
  • "Fantastic work. Exactly what we were looking to do with our flower beds. It was weeded and cleaned up properly, looks amazing, and required no micromanagement by either me or my wife. I have already recommended the yard services to three of my neighbors. I love that you offer this service. I will definitely hire you again!"
    - Gregory Goff, Northampton
  • "We were thrilled when we bought a house 4 years ago and discovered that Pedal People was an option for our recycling, trash, and even compost pickup! We highly recommend them to everyone we know. What's not to love? We get great service while supporting local folks running an environmentally friendly business. I'm relieved to know that there is one less loud & polluting garbage truck visit in our neighborhood now. Pedal People are quiet, polite and very helpful, and you can't beat their prices. Our relatives in other towns/states are very jealous!"
    - Page Brody, Northampton
  • "Please send my deep thanks to whoever was the person to clean up the yard. It was a superb job- as I'd expect from Pedal People. Many thanks."
    - Kiki Smith, Northampton
  • "Ariel is friendly, conscientious and thorough about her work. Very happy to have her helping us out!"
  • "Right on schedule and absolutely no problems that I know of. The Pedal People picked up all that I had. Thanks so much!"