pedal people news may 2012

(originally sent May 7, 2012)


* Pedal People Rock - International Year of Cooperatives photo and
video contest
* Hazardous waste collection day, Saturday May 19th
* Northampton bike breakfast and bike to work day Wednesday May 16th
* Reuse and recycling rally, Saturday June 2nd
* Help us keep compost bins happy


2012 has been recognized as the International Year of Cooperatives by
the United Nations. This is an acknowledgement by the international
community that co-operatives drive the economy, respond to social
change, are resilient to the global economic crisis and are serious,
successful businesses creating jobs in all sectors.  The My Coop Rocks
photo and video contest celebrates the International Year of
Cooperatives and Pedal People and Valley Green Feast are
participating. Please take a second to vote for us!  We could both win
cash prizes.  You can vote for us once each day, and voting ends at
the end of May.  Browse the other photos and videos to be inspired by
all of the awesome coops represented and feel proud to be a Pedal
People customer.

Vote for our photo at:

And vote for Valley Green Feast's video at:


Every year the City of Northampton offers a chance for its residents
to dispose of many hazardous materials banned from the usual waste
stream. This year, the date is set for May 19th from 9am to noon at
the Smith Vocational High School.  This event is free but you must
register, and you may do so by calling the Department of Public Works
at 413-587-1059.  The deadline for registration is Thursday, May 10th
at noon.

This year, for the first time, you can hire Pedal People to pick up
your hazardous waste.  No registration is required if we bring your
waste for you.  This service is not limited to our current customers. 
Please call 413-586-8591 or email us for pricing details.  We will
pick items up either Friday, May 18th or Saturday, May 19th.

More information:


The week of May 14th-20th is Bay State Bike Week, an annual
celebration of human powered, two-wheeled transportation.  Many towns
throughout the state are putting on events such as organized rides,
film screenings, bike breakfasts and more.  Our biggest event in
Northampton is the Bike Breakfast and Bike to Work Day, which will
take place on Wednesday, May 16th from 7 to 10am on the Courthouse
lawn.  This is always a fun event with free food, coffee, live music,
and a raffle to benefit MassBike.  Join us for breakfast, then bike to
work if you are able!


Also at the Smith Vocational High School, the DPW is sponsoring a
Re-use and Recycling Rally for Northampton residents and businesses on
Saturday June 2nd from 9am to noon.  They will be accepting a variety
of items for reuse and recycling that aren't accepted at the transfer
station including: bulky rigid plastics, building materials, textiles,
styrofoam, three R's packaging, and bicycles.  This is a great
opportunity to help keep useful items out of the landfill, and we
applaud the DPW for putting on this event!  If you can't make the
event but have items to contribute, you can hire us to bring items to
this event as well.

More information:


Just a reminder - we really appreciate it when our customers line
their compost buckets with paper bags.  This keeps your compost bin
cleaner and prevents old compost from building up on the bottom of the
tub - yuck!  Make your Pedal Person happy - use a paper bag in your
compost bucket!  Thank you.

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