pedal people news january 2011

(originally sent January 6, 2011)


* Pedal People Challenge
* Valley Green Feast
* New Collective Members
* Pedal People Wins MA Recycling Award
* Renovation Carpenter Looking to Recycle 

For your New Years Resolution this year, take the Pedal People

Looking to reduce your household waste in the New Year?  Take the
Pedal People Challenge and win a free month of service!

As many of you are aware, our regional landfill is filling up. Pedal
People is teaming up with GREEN Northampton to educate customers on
waste reduction. 

Do you get confused about what is recycling and whatís not? Wonder how
to compost? Want to reduce your household's waste but don't know where
to start?

GREEN Northampton's garbage audits offer helpful tips customized to
your household's refuse that can save you money and reduce your trash
bill. We are offering a challenge to our over 30 gallon customers.
Stay under 30 gallons of trash for each pick-up for two months and win
a free month of service. Itís easy to participate:
1. Contact Pedal People to sign up and schedule your free GREEN
Northampton Garbage Audit
2. After your audit, we will start your challenge!
3. If you stay consistently under 30 gallons for two months, you will
receive one month of free service.

We are confident that we can support you in getting down to our lower
trash pricing category. Call or email us today to take the Pedal
People challenge!


Would you like fresh, local, organic vegetables, fruit, meat, dairy
and other products delivered by bicycle to your door each week?  Do
you want to support local farmers, our local economy and another
worker-owned collective business?

Pedal People is now delivering for Valley Green Feast, a local foods
delivery service based in Northampton.  Mention Pedal People and
receive $5 off on your first order!

Valley Green Feast Collective offers residents of the Connecticut
River Valley a convenient way to eat healthy, local, organic food and
support local farms year round. Our produce comes fresh from the farm
to your door every week. Our goal is to make it easy for you to be a
part of a local food system which supports farmers and farming
communities, utilizes sustainable farming practices and decreases
fossil fuel consumption. We strive to offer as much organic produce as
possible and choose meats that are naturally raised without hormones.
We offer a customizable produce box which brings the best local
seasonal produce to you each week. Valley Green Feast delivers fresh,
local produce, meat, fish, dairy products, baked goods and more right
to your door.  Place an order by going to, or
by calling 413-588-8704. 


Our collective now has fourteen full members, including two on
extended leave of absence.  Over the summer, Mike H-F and Akesa left
for other things, so we welcomed Ali (June), Annie (Nov.), and Romney
(Nov.) to our group.  In November and December, respectively, Steven
and Derek each went on a leave of absence.  We're very excited to have
the new folks with us and all they bring to the collective.  Feel free
to greet any and all with a wave when you see them!


Here is what they said about us:

MassRecycle is happy to present the Recycling Business Award to Pedal
People, an eight year old worker-owned recycling and waste hauling
business. Pedal People's twelve cyclists use trailers propelled by
bicycles providing curbside pickup of trash, recycling, and compost to
480 households, 37 businesses and 80 public barrels within the city of
Northampton, MA. In 2007 Pedal People began offering food waste
collection to existing customers at no additional cost, collecting an
estimated 4,700 cubic feet of food waste used for local compost. In
2009 Pedal People collected an estimated 1,600 cu ft of food waste,
31,000 cu ft of paper, 27,000 cu ft of containers for recycling and
47,000 cu ft of trash.

Pedal People discourage waste through a volume based pricing
structure. They encourage recycling and waste reduction through
personal conversations with their customers. They deliver diapers for
a cloth diaper service, and offer a discounted month of cloth diaper
service to existing customers using disposables.


I'm a carpenter who can't stand throwing out good lumber, windows, and
cabinets.  These are all things that the ReStore doesn't want... they
want some cabinets, but they have a glut of windows, and can't take
boards which have nails in them.  We pull out plenty of windows, and
generate mounds of naily boards when renovating houses.

Do you know anyone who would be into grabbing some of our construction
debris?  I would like to find someone with whom I could build a
long-term construction-debris-removing relationship.

If interested email Eric at

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