pedal people news winter 2017-18

(originally sent December 4, 2017)


Greetings from the Pedal People Press: 

...a simple, informative newsletter to support our collective path to


* Our very first PEDAL BABY is on her way!
* Snow day information
* Compost pick up in winter
* Preparing for winter pick ups


Annie, who joined the collective with gusto 2 years ago, is expecting
a wee one on December 28th. This is the first baby born while being a
Pedal Person in our 15 year history and we're learning as we're going!
We are not able to offer much in terms of maternity benefits, so we
are reaching out to our greater community for support. If you are able
and feel drawn to contribute to a maternity fund so Annie can be with
her babe and not have to jump back too soon into working, it would be
greatly appreciated. There is a message from Annie below and here are
a few ways to contribute:

* Do you have a sturdy stroller (such as a B.O.B.) that you would like
to pass on to Annie and her baby? 
* Cloth diaper service!  Annie will not have a washer/dryer but would
love to reduce waste by using cloth daipers.  Consider a gift of cloth
diaper service ($22/week). Contributions made here:
* On Annie's registry is a fee-free way to contribute to her maternity
& nest fund (as well as a few other wishes):
* Send a contribution via postal mail or with your carrier: Pedal
People, attn: Annie Doran, PO Box 415, Northampton, MA 01061. Write
“Annie's maternity fund” in the message.

Dear Neighbors,

This Spring and Summer, I pedaled along the streets of Northampton
with a growing babe inside of me. Especially on the rainy and cold
days and the hot and humid ones, I told her that this was our
adventure. How many kiddos can say they were with their mother in
utero as they Pedaled 350 pounds behind them?!

I have two jobs that both align with what I am called to do in this
community and this world. They both offer beautiful flexibility, but
neither one offers maternity benefits. My wish for all mothers in my
position is to have support from the community that enables them time
and neighborly connections to nurture and be nurtured during the first
weeks or months of new life.

I look forward to returning to pedaling in the Spring. Perhaps you'll
see us both out and about! Please stop to say hello!

I am very grateful for any contributions you are able to make and
certainly thoughts/prayers for the coming weeks.

With appreciation,


Usually we maintain our regular pick up schedule on snowy days. 
Occasionally we postpone pickups if the storm is particularly intense.
 If a carrier feels confident and safe, they may choose to pick up as
usual while others may postpone.  You will be notified directly by
your carrier if a pick up will be postponed. Rarely, but on occasion,
we cancel all pick ups. We will notify all customers and post a
message on our website if that is the case. As a reminder, your pick
up may occur anytime between 8am-5pm to allow us the flexibility to
adjust our day to the weather and efficient planning of our route for
the day so we may get to everyone. Feel free to contact us if you have
any questions.


We want to be sure to haul away your compost in freezing weather, and
sometimes compost frozen to your bucket can be a problem. Here are
some tips to help avoid it:
* Keep your compost in a place above freezing until trash day
* Put your compost out in the morning rather than the night before
* Try to reduce the amount of liquid in your bucket if possible
* Use a compostable bag or paper bag to line the inside of your bucket
* Start off the winter with a clean bucket


Here are some simple reminders to help us stay safe and help you avoid
extra charges or inconveniences:
* Please clear a path for us! Customers are responsible for
maintaining reasonable access to their trash, recycle, and compost. If
your pick-up is not accessible, the carrier can choose to 1) not do
the pick-up for safety reasons, or 2) charge $1 per 2 mins for extra
* Please have all recycling sorted and ready for pick up. Paper needs
to be separate from containers, as the recycling does not go to a
single-stream facility. Most customers have everything sorted and
ready to go, thank you! If it isn't sorted, we may sort it and charge
a fee for our time or we may leave it and send you a reminder to sort
so we aren't standing out in the cold longer than necessary. All
cardboard needs to be flattened for pick up. You may leave it for us
next to your recycling bins.
* Take a moment to be grateful maggot season is over!

Thank you for helping to keep us safe and happy throughout the winter.

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