pedal people news summer 2019

(originally sent August 30, 2019)


Greetings from the Pedal People Press!
This is our simple, informative newsletter to support our collective
path to sustainability.  

In this issue:
* The Trinidad Bike Osmosis Project
* Pedal People Cooperative Endorses Alex Jarrett for City Council
* Pedal People Yard Care's Pollinator Initiative
* Informative Environmental Impact Info: the next time you shop Don't
take that Receipt! 
* Meet the Pedal People: Worker-owner Christina Horton 


In order to explain the Trinidad Bike Osmosis Project, we have to tell
a little story. In the winter of 2019, Ruthy Woodring, a founding
member of Pedal People, spent 6 wonderful weeks doing a work exchange
at One Family Farm in La Lune, Moruga, Trinidad.  Despite the highly
walkable and bikeable terrain on the island, she was surprised to see
very few bicycles.  When she asked the local residents about this,
most said something along the lines of, "Yeah, I'd love to have a
bike, there just aren't very many here, and they're expensive to get."
 So she thought to herself, "Well, I know a place where there's A LOT
of bikes." Hence, the Trinidad Bicycle Osmosis Project was born;
collecting refurbished or unused bicycles from our area and sending
them to a community in Trinidad that would like to make great use of

Pedal People has just donated a trailer to her project.  Her goal is
to ship a container with up to 500 donated bikes by the spring of
2020, as well as to help organize and set up a community workshop for
repairs, similar to the Bike Lab.  Any donations of old, unused,
rideable bicycles are appreciated.  Bike repair tools and parts are
also needed as well as dollar donations for shipping costs.  Here is a
link to Ruthy's GoFundMe page:

And more information about the Pedal People Bike Lab and the Trinidad
Bike Osmosis Project:

Many Thanks!


With great enthusiasm, Pedal People is officially  endorsing our very
own Alex Jarrett, a founding member of the Cooperative, for
Northampton City Council!  In Alex's own words, "I'm running because I
care deeply about Northampton's future. My key issues are
affordability, climate change, walkable mixed-use development, safe
and sustainable transportation, inclusion and social justice.  As city
councilor, I will bring leadership that is responsive, energetic, and
prioritizes listening and collaboration."

Here is a link for more information.  Alex welcomes anyone who is
interested to share ideas, or become involved in his campaign:


Pedal People Yard Care is launching an experimental pilot project to
create migratory pollinator corridors in our local neighborhoods! This
is an exciting opportunity to join our Yard Care team and your fellow
neighbors in offering sanctuary and habitat to our "Local Hero"
pollinators -- such as bees, butterflies, hummingbirds, and other
beneficial creatures. Pollinators are considered 'keystone species' in
an ecosystem, and are crucial human food production and local food
economies.  Many of these species are under attack from pesticides,
habitat loss related to development, and fossil fuel exhaust. If you
are interested in setting aside a portion of your lawn to plant
wildflowers and herbs that feed and shelter pollinators, we invite you
to reach out to us. We have limited spots available for this pilot
project. The only commitment is to pay $10 per plant (of diverse
species, depending on growing conditions and soil moisture). Thank you
for helping Pedal People become such and lively and committed presence
in our community!


The Don't Take That Receipt! campaign is now in progress in Western
Mass. The goal of the campaign to inform people about toxic chemicals
in receipts.  Bisphenol-A (BPA) and Bisphenol-S (BPS) are synthetic
chemicals which mimic estrogen in the body and can increase the risk
for breast cancer, diabetes, heart disease, infertility, and a lot
more.  These phenols are especially problematic in receipts because
they are unbound to the paper and rub right off onto the skin with

Receipts are not recyclable, if you are able, skip the printed

For more info, visit

** MEET THE PEDAL PEOPLE: Christina Horton! **

We would like to introduce our newest full collective member,
Christina, in her own words:

"I came to the Pioneer Valley to learn all about death and dying, and
I'm a dedicated hospice volunteer. My goal is to build this skill set
and make death support the focus of my work. When I'm not working in
hospice or hauling trash, I'm working as a house painter or playing
music. I write music and love to sing in various folk traditions,
especially ballads from the British Isles. I grew up near Boston, but
I lived for most of the past decade in the Catskills of New York,
Washington State, and in Northern California.

I just completed my first year living in the area and working with
Pedal People. Prior to, I worked in farming and forestry and I love
being outside. Navigating Northampton on a big conspicuous bike is a
great way to get to know the town, people, and bike path bears!"

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