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(originally sent September 16, 2019)


Join us in our Shrink the Stink Campaign, a campaign to coincide with
the local and national Climate Justice actions taking place the week
of 9/20-9/27.

Methane is a potent greenhouse gas, roughly 30 times more powerful
than Carbon Dioxide at trapping heat in our atmosphere.  According to
the EPA, landfill gas from municipal solid waste is the third largest
source of methane emissions in the country.  The vast majority of
these emissions result from decomposing organic matter that winds up
in trash.  Pedal People is launching this campaign to raise awareness
around this issue.  Our Shrink the Stink Campaign is a multifaceted
effort to support folks who want to reduce trash through composting
more and decreasing their consumption.  We offer a menu of ways to
help in your efforts to get more involved in demanding systemic change
from our leaders, as well as modifying our own daily habits.  We
invite you to choose the way that is best for you!  And stay tuned in
the coming weeks and months as we continue to work on additional

EPA link:


** Climate Strike on September 20th **
Pedal People is joining the International Climate Strike on Friday
September 20th before the upcoming UN Climate Summit!  Consider
joining the Climate Strike to demand the systemic change we need to
truly address the Climate Crisis and to demand that our leaders hold
the largest polluters to account for their role in creating this
disaster.  If you are a Friday customer, we will be in touch about
your rescheduled pick up time.  We are co-sponsoring the Climate
Emergency March For A Just Future, Friday September 20th at 4:30 p.m.
at Sheldon Field March to rally on the steps of Northampton City Hall.
 Please come join us!  Or, check out Extinction Rebellion
Massachusetts for more ways to get involved:
The largest polluters:

** Trash-Free Fridays **
We offer you a challenge to have a trash-free day of the week.  Bring
your own mug, bag, container for take-out, buy in bulk, etc. to
attempt to avoid creating trash every Friday.  Here is a link to Ways
to Reduce Trash from our website:

** Free Compost Pick Ups from 9/20-9/27! **
Have friends or neighbors who are compost-curious?  Tell them that
Pedal People is offering a free compost pick from 9/20-9/27 for the
first 50 new people who sign up.  No commitment necessary.  Just a
one-time free pickup.  Help spread the word!

** Refer a Neighbor to Switch from Truck Service **
Encourage your neighbors to switch to Pedal People.  Help reduce
emissions and road damage and receive a $20 referral credit.  Here are
10 Reasons to Switch: 

Thank you for any and all efforts towards Climate Action!!!

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