pedal people news february 2011

(originally sent February 10, 2011)


* Extreme weather announcement
* Storm delay website page 

As you might have guessed, the record-breaking snowfall and cold
weather this winter has created new and interesting challenges for
your Pedal Person. During an average winter, we only delay once due to
weather conditions; last winter, we did not have any weather delays.
To date, large and poorly-timed snowfalls have caused us to delay
pickups on FOUR occasions this season! 

The numerous snowfalls have coated many of the side roads, alleys and
driveways that we regularly traverse with an uneven layer of ice,
compacted snow, and slush. 

You can help us avoid some of the weather-related hazards we are

* Access: Please provide clear access from the street to the location
where you place your waste containers (this is standard Pedal People
policy - whether or not its snowy). If your containers are in a
garage, on a back porch, or down a long driveway, please make sure
that you've cleared the snow from the street to your containers. If
snow and ice is covering your driveway, we may not be able to maneuver
our trailers to and from your pickup location. If that is the case, we
recommend bringing your containers as close to the curb as possible.
If we have difficultly completing your pickup due to snow and ice on
your property, you can expect an extra charge of $2 to $4 per pickup
to compensate your carrier for the extra time spent accessing your

* Compost: Frozen compost sticks to compost buckets! When its really
cold, we spend a lot of time trying to loosen the compost that's stuck
to its bucket. Sometimes, the compost is so stuck, we end up leaving
some of it behind. You can avoid this problem if you line your bucket
with a paper or biodegradable plastic bag. 

* Icy/Snowy bins: If you store your trash and recycling containers
outside, please make sure they are covered to prevent snow and ice
build-up inside the bins. Otherwise, snow and ice get inside your
containers and make them difficult to lift ... and we end up hauling
that extra weight with us to the transfer station.  

Thanks for helping us manage this particularly challenging winter! 

Curious to hear more about collecting waste in the snow, here's a
story about what we've encountered:

"After our first big snowfall this year, I was headed up a steep hill
with a fully-loaded long trailer when I got stuck. The trailer was too
heavy and the road surface too slippery to get enough traction. To
make matters worse, the pitch of the hill was so steep that I couldn't
even set my bike down without the whole kit and caboodle rolling
backwards down the hill. I was seriously stuck. I stood there
pitifully with my hands on my brakes, watching cars effortlessly climb
the hill and pass me by, for many minutes before a kindly soul stopped
and asked if I needed help. With her pushing from behind, I easily
walked my bike and trailer up the rest of the hill. I can't say how
grateful I am to the people who have helped me out of tight situations
like that one!" -Annie


When we delay due to inclement weather, we'll let you know by e-mail
or phone.  You can also check out our storm delay website page for the
latest information:

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