pedal people news july 2011

(originally sent July 14, 2011)


* Clamshells recyclable now!
* Upcoming city bag system changes
* Keeping the organic matter in the neighborhood
* Austin Miller award
* Enterprise Farm shares


We are happy to announce that 'clamshell' containers are now
recyclable. Clamshells are the thin clear plastic containers that
products like berries and salad bar items often come in. Unfortunately
the black molded plastic containers that are sometimes paired with
clamshell tops are not yet recyclable in the Pioneer Valley. Check the
Department of Public Works website for a complete list of what is and
isn't recyclable at:


The number one question we have been getting asked lately is about the
new bag system that the city is implementing at the Locust Street
Transfer Center, where we take most of our trash and recycling. The
bag system is part of a new program called S.M.A.R.T., which is an
acronym for Save Money And Reduce Trash. 

The city plans to replace the current system of selling stickers for
disposing of various amounts of waste with a system of selling trash
bags that have the disposal fee included in the price. The bags will
come in 10, 20, and 40 gallon sizes. The hope is that people will be
more conscientious about the amounts of trash they are throwing away.
Similar programs have helped other municipalities reduce waste.

Pedal People customers do not currently need to buy these bags.  We
are still deciding how to best integrate the program into our
business, and will be in touch later in the summer.  We will give you
plenty of notice if it will affect our trash service on the customer
end of things.


If you are a home composter and would like more food scraps to compost
to build your soil, we can bring it to you at no charge.  Let us know
how many gallons per week you are willing to accept. Increments of 10
or 20 gallons are easiest for us to deal with. Please be sure to have
sufficient cover material available that is high in carbon (leaves,
wood chips, straw).  We also offer free consultation on keeping your
compost pile in good shape.


On June 22 Pedal People was awarded the 2011 Austin Miller Cooperative
Hero Award in the Business Category by the River Valley Market. This
Award is offered to individuals, businesses, and non-profits in the
Pioneer Valley that strive to support and strengthen cooperative
values and the cooperative principal of Support for Community. We are
honored to receive it, and thank the RVM and all of our customers for
your support!


Pedal People has been delivering Enterprise Farm shares in Northampton
year-round for the last year and half.  This past winter we delivered
mostly by bike trailer, but during one snowstorm we delivered by

The farm share works like a CSA in that you pay up-front at the start
of the season, or in two installments, and receive a weekly share of
fruits and veggies. Unlike the typical CSA, Enterprise works with
partner farms to include items in the share that they don't grow on
their own farm. So the farm share includes a full variety of fruits
and veggies, all year round. You can sign up for summer/fall,
winter/spring or both.  There are still pro-rated shares available for
this season.

To find out if you are within our service area, and more about the
sizes and costs of the shares, please check out this information page
on our website:

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