pedal people news august 2011

(originally sent August 17, 2011)


* Northampton's new "SMART" bag system
* Summer pickup schedules
* Rigid plastics collection
* Service at Village Hill


Pedal People is currently adapting to two new waste disposal systems
in Northampton: 1) Valley Recycling and 2) Blue "SMART" bags

Valley Recycling, a private transfer station that recently opened on
Route 10, allows us to haul the trash and recycling we collect from
neighborhoods near South St much less far than before.  We're enjoying
this new option and are still figuring out the best way to integrate
Valley Recycling into our routes.  As we restructure our routes to
increase efficiency, we will let you know if it affects the day of
your pickup.

As many of you already know, starting on September 1 the Northampton
Transfer Center on Locust St (where we have previously taken all the
trash and recycling we collect) will only accept trash that has been
placed in the city's blue "SMART" bags. Pedal People customers are not
required to do anything differently because of this change. Our riders
will place your trash into the blue bags at the time of pick up.
However, we are offering a 10% discount on our services to customers
who purchase their own blue bags and use them to bag all of their
trash. The bag system is designed to reduce trash and increase
recycling, and customers may find that buying bags makes them more
aware of the volume of trash they produce. Blue bags are available at
the DPW and at many stores around town, and come in three sizes. For
more information on the bag program, go to:

To sign up to buy your own bags and receive the 10% discount, visit
this page on our website:

NOTE: If you live in a neighborhood closer to Valley Recycling (which
does not require trash to be in blue bags), you might not be eligible
to buy bags and get a Pedal People discount.  Visit the web page above
and enter your address to see if you are eligible.


On hot summer days, your Pedal Person will likely start earlier than
usual in an effort to finish before the temperature gets uncomfortably
high.  Please remember to put your stuff out before 8 am or your
pickup may be missed.  If the forecast looks particularly scorching,
you may get a call from your carrier asking you to put things out a
little extra early (as early as 7 am).  

Just a reminder, we regularly come by your house or business any time
between 8am and 5pm on the day of your pickup.  While your carrier may
have a usual time they show up, variables such as weather, route subs,
flat tires, and such can alter the time your pickup occurs.


On Saturday September 17th, from 9 am to noon, the Department of
Public Works is hosting a free collection of rigid plastics at Smith
Vocational High School (80 Locust Street).  This is an opportunity for
reuse and recycling of plastics that are not normally accepted at the
transfer station. If you would like to schedule a rigid plastics
pickup, we will be collecting items on Friday, September 16th. Call or
email us to set up a pick up. Price will depend on volume and weight
of objects. 

Bulky, rigid molded plastic items such as crates, buckets, toys, lawn
furniture, plant pots will be accepted.  

For more information, see


We'll be expanding on our service area to cover Village Hill (also
known as Hospital Hill) and the surrounding neighborhood beginning
Wednesday, Sept. 7th. We offer a $15 credit if you refer a new
customer. Please spread the word!

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