pedal people news september 2011

(originally sent September 29, 2011)


* Bike shop survey
* Changes to our compost system
* South Street trailer storage


We have created a survey that will help us figure out the feasibility
of a cooperative bike shop with worker-owners (who run the shop) and
consumer-owners (who use it). 

The mission of Pedal People Bikes/Bike Lab would be:
* get people on bikes using them for everyday transportation,
regardless of how much money they have
* bicycle sales, service & accessories, and teaching people to repair
their own bikes
* provide equipment and information for year-round riding in any
* create a safe space where everyone and everyone's bike is welcome 

If you fill out our survey, and give us your e-mail address, you'll
get a $5 off coupon (with $20 minimum purchase) if the shop opens!

Click this link to fill out the survey:

If you have any questions, e-mail bikeshop AT pedalpeople DOT com.


Starting in October we will begin bringing compost from some of our
customers to the Locust St. transfer center. The City of Northampton
manages this drop off station, and the materials are shipped to a
composting facility in Belchertown. We've decided that this is the
most efficient way to deal with the compost we collect from some parts
of town.

The Northampton DPW is asking our customers to sign up for the town
composting program the same way they would if they were bringing the
compost to the transfer center themselves. Depending on where you
live, you may receive a letter from us with instructions on how to
sign up. Please respond to this letter asap, it will help us
transition smoothly into this new system. If you don't receive this
letter, it means you don't need to do anything and your compost will
continue to be collected as usual. 

We're glad that so many of our customers have decided to join the
compost program and help keep a valuable resource out of the landfill.
Feel free to call or email us with any questions.


In an effort to make trash and recycling routes as efficient as
possible, we are working to make trailers as conveniently accessible
to carriers as possible. We are looking for a parking spot to store a
trailer in the South Street neighborhood. Do you have extra space that
you may be able to donate to a Pedal People trailer? We would need an
area 3 ft by 10 ft.  Garage space would be wonderful but we would
appreciate whatever you could offer. Please call or email if you think
you have a spot. We are also open to discussing barter options. Thank

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