pedal people challenge

For your New Years Resolution this year, take the Pedal People Challenge!

Looking to reduce your household waste in the New Year? Take the Pedal People Challenge and win a free month of service!

As many of you are aware, our regional landfill is filling up. Pedal People is teaming up with GREEN Northampton to educate customers on waste reduction.

Do you get confused about what is recycling and what’s not? Wonder how to compost? Want to reduce your household's waste but don't know where to start?

GREEN Northampton's garbage audits offer helpful tips customized to your household's refuse that can save you money and reduce your trash bill. We are offering a challenge to our over 30 gallon customers. Stay under 30 gallons of trash for each pick-up for two months and win a free month of service. It’s easy to participate:

  1. Contact Pedal People to sign up and schedule your free GREEN Northampton Garbage Audit
  2. After your audit, we will start your challenge!
  3. If you stay consistently under 30 gallons for two months, you will receive one month of free service.

We are confident that we can support you in getting down to our lower trash pricing category.

Call or email us today to take the Pedal People challenge!