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(originally sent August 22, 2017)


Greetings from the Pedal People Press:

... a simple, informative newsletter to support our collective path to


* 15th Anniversary Celebration and Logo Contest
* Informative Environmental Impact Info
* Pedal People Leaf Raking
* Meet the Pedal People
* Anniversary Logo Contest Guidelines


Come celebrate 15 years of worker-owned, human-powered bicycle hauling
and delivery services in Northampton! Activities will include art,
games, a bike circus, and more. There may be free pizza if you get
there early enough!

Saturday, September 30th, 1pm  4pm at Veteran's Field on West St in
Northampton (rain date Sunday October 1st) ALL are welcome!

You can also participate in our logo design contest! See details on
this website and also posted below:

Submit by September 1.


In this segment, we hope to inform our concerned citizens about the
environmental impact of common household items/tools that may not be
readily apparent and to offer alternatives.

With fall approaching, we offer this article on leaf blowers.  They
actually produce way more hydrocarbons than many of us may realize. It
seems like a simple, relatively harmless, and back-saving tool and

"The two-stroke leaf blower was worse still, generating 23 times the
CO and nearly 300 times more NMHC than the crew cab pickup. Let's put
that in perspective. To equal the hydrocarbon emissions of about a
half-hour of yard work with this two-stroke leaf blower, you'd have to
drive a Raptor for 3,887 miles, or the distance from Northern Texas to
Anchorage, Alaska."  

To read more of this informative article, click this link:

If raking is too hard on your back or too time consuming, consider our
services to both get the job done and offset the impact of emissions
on our environment.


Our Pedal People Yard and Garden Care services are gearing up for the
FALL! We offer quiet, clean, human-powered mowing, weeding, digging,
planting, and general maintenance. We also offer raking and leaf
hauling services and compost bin construction. Contact us for more
information at (413) 586-8591 or or visit:


Meet our Summer Intern Eliya from UMASS:

Hello Everyone! My name is Eliya, and I am so excited to be the newest
(temporary) member of Pedal People. I am a student at UMass Amherst,
and I joined Pedal People as their summer intern through a program to
receive a certificate in Applied Economic Research of Cooperative
Enterprise. Throughout the summer, I'll be helping Pedal People with
everything from hauling, yard care, flyer design, and even event
planning. At UMass, I study psychology, art, and economics. I hope to
use my interest in business psychology to help the collective find
answers to some of its pressing issues, and write a research paper on
the topics I choose to explore.

A little about me: I was born in Israel, grew up in San Francisco, and
moved to Massachusetts for college. I love to bike around those famous
San Francisco hills, but I'm glad to be hauling trailers around
Northampton's much flatter terrain. During the school year, I work at
a cooperative called Greeno Sub Shop, a student-run non-profit, which
is just one of the seven student businesses on the UMass campus!

If you see me around your area, hauling your recycling or mowing your
lawn, don't hesitate to introduce yourself to me and offer me some
thoughts on Pedal People! It is an honor and a joy to be working with
Pedal People this summer, and hope to meet some of the lovely clients
as well!


Submission Date: September 1, 2017

Thank you for your interest in designing our Anniversary Logo for
Pedal People! We will be celebrating 15 years of worker-owned, human
powered, bicycle hauling and delivery services in Northampton on
September 30th, 1:00-4:00pm at Veterans Field, Northampton.

The logo will become a silkscreen, used to make t-shirts, available to
customers and other Pedal People supporters. You may also see your
logo on banners, patches, totes, jackets...who knows! We will start
making them at the anniversary event. Below are the guidelines for
logo entries.

* Maximum Size: 10" x 11"
* Must include images/drawings. Cannot be just words.
* The text "Pedal People" does not need to be on the logo.
* If you choose to have the text "Pedal People" on the logo, it needs
to be smaller than size 80 font (Why? We don't want to have non-Pedal
People riding around with our logo not following traffic laws and
making us look bad!).
* We can give you an electronic copy of our general logo - just send
us a request!
* Must be a simple design to work with a single color silk screen,
made at home.
* Must be a timeless logo that can be used for years to come. Please
be sure to not include the anniversary date, and use language such as
"since 2002" but not "15th Anniversary"
* Please feel free to consult with us when you have general ideas or
sketches so we can give our input, at

Good luck and thanks for your enthusiasm for our work!

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